Friday 22 September 2023

Friday 15 September 2023

A One Way Journey Down the East Coast of Alonissos


A simple run down the east coast of Alonissos today. We took the car up to Steni Vala, launched and headed north to Kalamakia for coffee. From here we dropped down exploring just about every cove and bay, with a couple of bars chucked in, well it wasn't an expedition, more of a bar crawl. Jumped off on the ladder next to our hotel in Patitiri, 14kms plus covered.. Just made the last bus back to collect the car, seeing 14 bee eaters on the way, think we are falling in love with this island...

Thursday 14 September 2023

The Wild North Coast of Alonissos


With the forecast being absolutely perfect to paddle the remote north coast of Alonissos we jumped at the chance. We headed up the old road that had mostly been washed away or completely eroded by potholes, its not one for the faint hearted, hairpin bends with huge drop offs and no barriers, you have to love some of the Greek island roads. Launching from Gherakas/Gerakas quickly and efficiently we headed east taking in every cave, 'beach', feature and cove. I say beach as some of these little cracks between the cliffs as valleys drop into the sea are just two metres wide, many of the maps show sun umbrellas, I'm not sure you would even fit one on, and definitely not lounges or chairs, some of these beaches are quite dangerous with overhanging boulders and very loose rocks, we didn't hang about. Not content with this we then headed back and then north west to the remotest part of the whole island, the main headland and most northerly point, Cape Gheraki. With perfect conditions we ticked this off with ease, though a good 18kms covered today and we are both really feeling it.

Wednesday 13 September 2023

An Amazing Day on the East Side of Alonissos


An awesome day today with over 16kms covered. We launched from Agios Dmitrios at about 10 am this morning and headed north towards the blue cave. We arrived with the cave to ourselves, took a few snaps and then headed across to Peristera. We handrailed down following the coastline finding secluded beaches and then ultimately the old wreck. We carried on to Vasilikos Bay before taking a direct route and open crossing of 2kms back to Alonissos with a light easterly breeze for assistance.

Sunday 10 September 2023

South Coast SUP, Alonissos


Today we found a lovely little beach on the south coast that was sheltered from the strong northerly breezes still pushing 20 knots. It had an amazing little bar and restaurant. We managed to launch keeping well inshore though those offshore breezes kept making themselves known. Somehow we manged to tick off the south coast of Alonissos. With winds dropping very soon we just might be able to tick off some serious milage around this island. Once back ashore it was an afternoon of sun loungers, swimming, food and a few beverages too..

Friday 8 September 2023

We Finally got Afloat on Alonissos


After the horrendous storms here in the northern Aegean the weather is starting to improve. We found a little shelter from the 20 knot north easterly winds at this beautiful bay on the west coast of Alonissos. It didn't give us much water to journey on but we had a little fun. Onwards and upwards..

Saturday 26 August 2023

Under Bempton on the SUP Boards


Just short of 18 kms covered today on the SUP boards using wind and tide, launching from Hunmanby Gap with the awesome Jacqui we ventured down under the impressive cliffs which are Speeton and Bempton. We ventured all the the way down to the impressive arch of Staple Nook while being sh*tted on by the gannets, we also had lunch on our boards while taking in the amazing geological view and then slowly headed back the way we came. We had tide assist and even swell and breeze assist on the way back but some real effort was also required to stay dry side up and make progress as the sea lumped up a bit.. We did good.

Sunday 20 August 2023

Flamborough & Bempton in the Sea Kayaks


With a 3ft swell and offshore winds the sea kayaks were the weapon of choice today. North Landing up to Staple Nook and then back down to Selwicks Bay using the tidal flows. A twitchy day, we had dark skies and even a little rain, the overfalls formed around Breil over low water, not a day to be in the caves, an enjoyable journey regardless.

Sunday 13 August 2023

Derwentwater by SUP


Birthday Girl wanted to paddle today so we handrailed around Derwentwater, nice and simple, until the wind picked up on our return up from Keswick to our launch spot, well we did want a good workout... Sadly we are finding much of our favourite places in the lakes have turned into a bit of a theme park these days. We always launched from one of the two marines here, paying a fee and supporting them but sadly no more self launches... its all about getting as many bums on hire craft as possible, sad times. Thankfully we found parking on the east bank and launched from there...

Saturday 24 June 2023

Flamborough Head with Jacqui


An early start this morning and a little adventure with Jacqui around Flamborough. I've never seen it so flat! We managed to get into every cove and cave, then home before it all got too busy.