Sunday, 11 June 2017

River Tees - A Little Bit of Summer Water

With a little bit of rainfall over the northern Pennines this June the river has had enough water in it for a little journey. We headed to Cotherstone on Sunday morning and made ready. Anthony was going tandem with me and Fiona was paddling on her own in the Silverbirch Broadland 15.

A detailed briefing on the beach prior to our journey.

First rapid, low levels are going to make for a bumpy ride.

A little bit of poling practice

Fiona looking good and in control.

With the water level being a little low and Anthony not particularly enjoying the close contact with boulders I decided we would line the next rapid.

It was good practice for both of us.

Down to the Reef Rapid, I had Fiona standing by with a throw line - specifically for Anthony whom had been briefed prior to descending the rapid.  I could swim line the boat to the side if necessary.

Fiona looking composed

tees from Ken Oliver on Vimeo.

Oh dear...

Just a bit wet then..

I made the decision to get off above the weir, the boy had done brilliantly, I did not want to push him too hard and I know he wasn't looking forward to the drop.  A lovely journey, from a leadership perspective this was a good trip, leading family down a river does raise the anxiety and presents its own issues. Everyone was smiling so as we got off so I'll take that as a positive.

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