Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Silverbirch Canoe

Fiona had brought in a couple of these nice looking boats and after a full morning of rigging and fitting out the Silverbirch Broadland 16 was ready for the water..

So on a fairly mild Sunday we took the boat up the river behind the nature reserve.

I had briefly paddled this model before and knew it was a very pleasant boat to control. It soon became very apparent that this was a completely different ride to the Prospector 16 that I'd spent much time in recently, in fact I even struggled a little to begin, it just seemed so slow and quick to turn off course...

But in no time I started to find myself building up quite a relationship with this boat, the secondary stability was huge which really allowed me to edge the boat quite a long way in confidence, something I had missed in a craft for quite some time. It also became clear that just small alterations in the trim of the boat had quite a desirable effect. I'm very much looking forward to paddling this canoe a lot more in the coming months..

Fiona on the other hand, still very much full of cold, was enjoying her short journey in 'Rhubarb and Custard..

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