Sunday, 11 December 2016

River Ure Loop by Canoe

This is another little journey that I had wanted to do for a while, we had completed most of the Ure in parts but I'd never paddled this little stretch. Quite convenient as you can come down the river and then make your way back up the canal head where there is nice parking and a pub, perfect as Fiona set across town on her walk to retrieve the car from the BCU Field entrance...

Levels on the Ure where quite low (0.44 at Ripon), just enough water for it not to be a complete scrape...

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Club Trip on the Derwent - Kirkham to Howsham

Another journey for the juniors of the club with just a very small amount of white water thrown in too. We where blessed with fine weather and it really didn't seem that cold. This used to be a classic club trip before the problem of access issues,, Anyway, it gave some of the old timers something to reminisce about..