Monday, 30 May 2016

Sea Kayak Expedition 2016 - Cape Wrath

We slowly made our way up to the very north of Scotland and reached our destination of Durness. From here our plan was to tackle the formidable headland of Cape Wrath. All the tidal planning was in place and it finally looked like the weather was going to play ball too.

We loaded our boats and started to make the journey west. The sea was fairly lumpy but we soon both settled into a steady rhythm making progress to Kearvaig Bay.

As the bay came into view I think we were both happy to get ashore as conditions had become quite lumpy in the waters close to the head.

After getting freshened up we decided on a hike to Cape Wrath Lighthouse to see what the conditions on the other side of the head were like. It was a long hike and a disappointing view when we got there.

Back on the water the following morning and conditions had improved somewhat. We soon made our way around the headland of Cape Wrath.

Next stop Sandwood Bay, a beautiful bay that was open to the full force of the Atlantic swells that were rolling in. I think we both were giving thought on how to best approach this next landing.

It wasn't so bad but we both got a good beating making our way back out of the surf zone. Another 16km and we were nearing journeys end, an amazing trip and one off the bucket list.

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