Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Wet & Windy Canoe Journey is Better Than No Canoe Journey at All - 21/2/16

A wet and windy Sunday in the middle of February, Sometimes finding the motivation to get out and paddle can be difficult but I don't think I've ever regretted making that decision to get on the water.

Today it was very windy and wet, the forecast was for the weather to deteriorate even further. A simple journey on our local river Hull was planned. Downstream to begin with taking shelter from the buildings and boats in the town and then back up to our launch spot for a push upstream.

A short trip but it felt good just getting out for a couple of hours.

Scarborough & District Canoe Club - Coached Session 13/2/16

I had the pleasure of being invited to coach SDCC on a recent lake session. We started by introducing open boating in an open and windy environment. Several technical and tactical methods where introduced to cross the open water both upwind and downwind.

Emphasis was given to group control and safety. With this in mind we had a great fun session culminating in some downwind improvised sailing methods.  Umbrellas, Pacific Sails and even paddles where brought into use.

Finally we made up the big rig using two canoes, two canoe poles and an Aiguille  4m x 3m expedition tarp. This is always great fun on a downwind run..

Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Driffield Canal - 7/2/16

In a couple of weeks both Fiona and myself are heading off to Venice for a few days, while we are there we shall be participating in a little stand up paddle boarding. Its been a while so we thought we had better get a little practice in..

So not quite Venice but we headed up the Driffield Canal on a cold and blustery day.