Tuesday, 18 November 2014

River Ure, Mickley to Sleningford in Open Boats

Sunday the 16th of November we headed up to North Yorkshire to lead a group down the rive Ure. The river was just fining down from previous rains and looked at a nice comfortable level - through my untrained eyes.

I was offered the position of leader but on this occasion I declined in preference to observe, concentrate on personal skills and to generally become more comfortable in a white water context.  

The day was a brilliant success and goals achieved, Fiona who has spent even less time than me on moving water thoroughly enjoyed the day, a really big thank you to the group for making it happen. All that aside and we even found time to make a little video - check out the grade 3 rapids at the end..

Canoeing the River Ure from Ken Oliver on Vimeo.

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