Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sea Kayak Expedition Gathering

A wonderful weekend recently on the East coast of Yorkshire, based around the East Barnby Outdoor Centre. Sea kayakers came together to learn a little more about expedition and associated skills.

I was honoured to be asked to run a couple of small workshops on how to catch fish on expedition.
 photo skeg10_zps8c3c93cd.jpg

 photo skeg1_zps11356b8f.jpg

 photo skeg7_zps4b14b124.jpg

 photo skeg6_zps3968a0da.jpg

 photo skeg8_zpsbf7d2bbc.jpg

A really nice chilled out weekend with lots of lovely people.


  1. Brillant I'm going to do my best to join you next year Ken as long as you dont mind an amateur tagging along

  2. Oh that would have been a great enjoyment... Thanks for sharing your experience ... Kayakers Together