Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Anthony goes Sea Kayaking

With an amazing forecast and neap tides I made the journey up to North Landing, Flamborough with my son Anthony (8) and Leon who was a student of mine and now friend.

It was a beautiful day and we explored the caves and features of this area, I'll let the photos do the talking...

 photo flam30_zps2fa6af11.jpg

 photo flam28_zps2f30e3b9.jpg

 photo flam22_zps70113612.jpg

 photo flam15_zps6f13ad8c.jpg

 photo flam20_zps3fd2b0cc.jpg

 photo flam14_zpsadf2e40b.jpg

 photo flam17_zpsb9cb37b7.jpg

 photo flam6_zpsa2f50283.jpg

 photo flam9_zps50add7f3.jpg

So very proud of my little boy, he was so brave going into all those caves and he enjoyed surfing the small waves. A salty sea dog one day he may be..

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