Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Andy is Introduced to Sea Kayaking

Our friend and 1stWet & Wild Team Member Andy took the decision to further his paddling experiences recently. So on a hot Sunday we delivered a brand new Delphin 155 to Runswick Bay for him. A little time was spent assisting him the fundamental skills of sea kayaking and then after a short journey around Kettleness we had him trying all kinds of rescue and self rescue techniques, I do believe our Andy will make a great sea paddler, he seems to pick up new skills very fast and has no fear of being in the water.

 photo delphin1stpaddle035_zps84a25120.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle042_zpsd90a1a0a.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle031_zpsd63d1679.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle027_zps9b29a5e8.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle024_zpsc7e51e0e.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle044_zpsa685341b.jpg

Looking forward to getting out with Andy soon and furthering skills with him, you cannot beat working with someone who is keen, enthusiastic and enjoys fooling in water..

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  1. Can't wait to join you on the water again Ken will arrange something when we are both back from our travels