Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Leon's Birthday Paddle Trip

Our Leon has never been to Whitby, so on his birthday we arranged to pick him up from home and with Dave to assist we thought we would take him to this amazing town. But on a sunny Sunday it is always going to be busy so there is only one real way to visit Whitby - by boat, or more specifically, by kayak, no traffic problems for us.

We drove down to Boggle Hole, near Robin Hoods Bay and made the journey along the coast to Whitby. Fiona and her friend Claire had decided on a gentle paddle around the bay as time was tight for them.

 photo whitby1_zps65bac1ce.jpg

 photo rhb2_zps1aa08c69.jpg

 photo rhb1_zpsd7ae3d4e.jpg

And into Whitby we went.

 photo P1020333_zpsa125bb37.jpg

 photo P1020345_zpsc3cd26ee.jpg

After a spot of lunch and a visit to Whitby Angling Supplies we set off to find a few fish..

 photo whitby3_zpsd0877fb9.jpg

 photo whitby2_zps602967c2.jpg

Before then carrying on to Sandsend..

 photo rhb4_zps787bd516.jpg

What a cracking day and Leon's smile says it all, that will be fish for tea then.

 photo P1020355_zps62efa9ee.jpg

Andy is Introduced to Sea Kayaking

Our friend and 1stWet & Wild Team Member Andy took the decision to further his paddling experiences recently. So on a hot Sunday we delivered a brand new Delphin 155 to Runswick Bay for him. A little time was spent assisting him the fundamental skills of sea kayaking and then after a short journey around Kettleness we had him trying all kinds of rescue and self rescue techniques, I do believe our Andy will make a great sea paddler, he seems to pick up new skills very fast and has no fear of being in the water.

 photo delphin1stpaddle035_zps84a25120.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle042_zpsd90a1a0a.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle031_zpsd63d1679.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle027_zps9b29a5e8.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle024_zpsc7e51e0e.jpg

 photo delphin1stpaddle044_zpsa685341b.jpg

Looking forward to getting out with Andy soon and furthering skills with him, you cannot beat working with someone who is keen, enthusiastic and enjoys fooling in water..

Anthony goes Sea Kayaking

With an amazing forecast and neap tides I made the journey up to North Landing, Flamborough with my son Anthony (8) and Leon who was a student of mine and now friend.

It was a beautiful day and we explored the caves and features of this area, I'll let the photos do the talking...

 photo flam30_zps2fa6af11.jpg

 photo flam28_zps2f30e3b9.jpg

 photo flam22_zps70113612.jpg

 photo flam15_zps6f13ad8c.jpg

 photo flam20_zps3fd2b0cc.jpg

 photo flam14_zpsadf2e40b.jpg

 photo flam17_zpsb9cb37b7.jpg

 photo flam6_zpsa2f50283.jpg

 photo flam9_zps50add7f3.jpg

So very proud of my little boy, he was so brave going into all those caves and he enjoyed surfing the small waves. A salty sea dog one day he may be..

A Sad Day on the Humber

On a sunny Saturday morning in mid June I met up with some sea kayakers from Sheffield. I had not paddled with these guys before and the plan was to circumnavigate Reeds Island. Neil who I had spoke to on the phone was interested in demo-ing the Taran.

We met next to the Country Park, Hessle and proceeded to sort equipment. Launching at 9.30 am gave us a leisurely two hours to get to the top of Reeds Island and if we had time to spare we could even have a quick stop at the South Ferriby Pub, always a bonus.

We headed onto the water and took a ferry glide across the river pointing up into the incoming flood, facing under the bridge. As we headed out, the water become lumpy and small breaking waves were forming due to the effect of wind against tide, I was happy with the group though, we had discussed experiences prior to launching and knew we were all more than competent in this environment.

We had hardly got a short way across when right in front of us a large dark figure fell from the Bridge dropping 100 ft into the water with a huge splash - it took a split second to realise what had just happened. I called Humber Coastguard straight away on the VHF and reported someone falling from the bridge. We were closer to the shore than to the casualty and so I took the decision to turn around hastily and summon a small motorised inflatable rib that was just launching. Within seconds of informing the rib of what had just happened he was on the scene, closely followed by the Humber Rescue boat and the police helicopter - no one was found.

 photo hum1_zps40e515f1.jpg

After much time of giving statements to the police and coastguard we made the group decision to go for a little paddle, we were informed a bicycle had been left on the bridge. I think we all agreed, as sea paddles, being out on the water was probably the best place for us to be.  We could be together, yet if necessary, alone with our thoughts and feelings. We had missed the tide to circumnavigate Reeds Island so agreed on a short paddle along the north bank to Brough Haven and back.

 photo hum2_zps97912d83.jpg

 photo hum3_zpsbe8f0700.jpg

 photo hum2a_zpsac244209.jpg

A sad and humbling day, its taken me couple of weeks to write this blog post, the poor chap was eventually recovered a week or so later, further down the river.

I have always known that one day, while paddling these busy, industrial and urban waterways I may come across a body in the water and had given it thought of what I would do and how I would deal with it. What I hadn't prepared myself for was to see someone take their own life in front of me. It does change your own outlook and I hope I don't witness this kind of thing again. I will carry on paddling the Humber, and hopefully soon, its a complex, dark and foreboding river but its my home water.

Of course our heartfelt feelings go out to this poor persons family and friends, such a tragedy, rest in peace poor soul..

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Llangollen Viaduct

On our way back through Wales we had a quick stop so that Fi could paddle this amazing feature.

 photo lang2_zpse08d9e96.jpg

 photo lang5_zps57932602.jpg

 photo lang3_zps725d23c7.jpg

 photo lang1_zpsfe0b865f.jpg

 photo lang4_zpsa8b04917.jpg

Disability Day 2013

I was asked to assist with the Disability Day again this year, it really is such a fun and rewarding day. Martin sums it up nicely. Well that's it for another year. The expected storm stayed away until Sunday and the sun shone and the wind blew. A great turnout saw the lake a hive of activity. Big thanks to all the Clywedog sailing crew who volunteered and of course all the kayaking volunteers , Lads and Ladies , who travelled from all over the uk to give up their time at their own expense.

 photo disday_zps1f9e7cec.jpg

Runswick Summer Kayak Angling Festival

Ten months in the planning and it has to be said, the event was a complete success. With many workshops such as VHF radio, navigation & tidal planning and the new BCU Kayak Angling Safety Module, this was always going to be a busy couple of days.

The main event is always going to be the big kayak angling match..

 photo run4_zps99703f47.jpg

For both Saturday and Sunday I was delighted to assist Kim Bull deliver the new Kayak Angling Safety Module.

 photo run3_zpsb2f72bcb.jpg

 photo run1_zps08f91ceb.jpg

 photo run2_zpsbc2086f6.jpg

Excellent photos by Glenn Kilpatrick

Sea Kayak Expedition Gathering

A wonderful weekend recently on the East coast of Yorkshire, based around the East Barnby Outdoor Centre. Sea kayakers came together to learn a little more about expedition and associated skills.

I was honoured to be asked to run a couple of small workshops on how to catch fish on expedition.
 photo skeg10_zps8c3c93cd.jpg

 photo skeg1_zps11356b8f.jpg

 photo skeg7_zps4b14b124.jpg

 photo skeg6_zps3968a0da.jpg

 photo skeg8_zpsbf7d2bbc.jpg

A really nice chilled out weekend with lots of lovely people.