Sunday, 24 March 2013

Humber TT Challenge

Been wanting to set something like this up for a while, more for myself as a personal challenge but after talking to Mr Willacy he suggested I let it be known so others can have a go.
The challenge is a 22Nm run down the Humber, from the Bridge to Spurn Point, using the fast running tides to your advantage while dodging the river traffic - so as you can imagine this is a challenge for experienced and/or mentally unstable paddlers.
The bigger problem is that there is no 'get out' at Spurn, the whole place is a YWT nature reserve with no landing. It is possible to round the head and go back up the coast a couple of Km and get out there - as long as sea conditions allow, and Spurn Point can be a challenging tidal race in its own right..
Anyway both myself and Dave had a run down recently..
 photo humb2_zpsd8a1028b.jpg
 photo humb3_zpsbdf8d88c.jpg
 photo humb6_zps50c6925c.jpg
 photo humb5_zpse75dcddf.jpg
We made rapid progress, exceeding 9 knots for a while.
 photo humb8_zpsaed383d4.jpg And eventually getting down to Spurn in 3 hours and 40 minutes.
 photo humb10_zps0abc2ee7.jpg
A quick break and then a slow slog back up the river on the first of the flood.
 photo humb11_zps515b8c66.jpg
Getting back to the village of Paull in the dark where Fi was waiting to pick us up, the slog back really did take its toll on both of us.
 photo humb12_zps8809af2c.jpg

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