Saturday, 18 February 2012

4* Sea Leadership Award

Finally, on the second attempt, I achieved my goal. Its been a bit of an emotional and soul searching mountain to climb but yesterday, with the assistance of Nick Cunliffe and James Stevenson, I was granted the 4* star sea leaders award, a benchmark I've desired for a long time.


What is enjoyable to me is that I am now acknowledged at a level in the sport that I am happy with. I'm now free to get on and enjoy everything that is sea kayaking. I am keen to further my training, but in many different ways, Greenland rolling looks fun, proper expeditioning is quite desirable, and 5* training will be on the cards. One thing is for certain, further training is going to be fun and everything I learn will be a bonus, a whole world of opportunities feels as if its been opened up to me.


But just as importantly I feel I have now found a coach who I can work with and whom understands me, the future is looking exciting.


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