Thursday, 8 April 2010

1st Uptiding of the Year

I was so keen to get out and fish last Sunday, forecasts were borderline but do-able. Tried ringing friend Dave Saturday night but he was out galavanting around Scarborough town - them young uns. Couldn't sleep, was so keen to get out, up for 4.30am, I actually saw the sun come up over the fields, first time in a long time since I've seen that. As any good friend would do, I text Dave at 6am to let him know my intentions.

Launched from North Landing and headed towards Bempton, a little lumpy but quite ok. Got a call from Dave to say someone rudely awoke him so he got up and was now at the Landing car park . He decided to head towards Brail to do a bit of uptiding to begin with and we kept in touch on the phone and VHF.

Well it was hard work, I sat there uptiding with best baits....


In a fave area....


And the best I could manage was these....



Dave didn't fair much better, we met up a little later and tried several other techniques including jigging and shadding but the cod simply were not there...


But anyway, still a nice day on the water and its still very early season although this time last year we had already had some very productive days uptiding. Plenty of time for good fishing in the coming months though.....

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