Sunday, 17 December 2017

Kingston Kayak Club - Frosty Fingers

An important and lovely date on the KKC calendar and this years was no exception. Well attended, the rain, sleet and half frozen canal did not put anyone off and the mulled wine tasted better than ever. Merry Christmas all..

Sunday, 26 November 2017

River Ure - Mickley to Slenningford

A club trip on the River Ure. The short boaters set off first and by all accounts they had a brilliant day, Anthony was buzzing having paddled the Burn down to and including the Slenningford rapids ( I'm just a little proud of him and our coaches right now)

The rest of us made our way in open canoes. Our friends Mick and Tricia have only paddled the open a handful of times on flat water and today was to be their first time on white water - (Mick does have much experience in K1 and this shined through), Tricia also did fantastic, we spent much time looking at river skills and she was game for it all.

Big thanks to good friend Roger for taking the lead on this trip and leading well. This freed me to do a little coaching, take photos and generally arse around.

River Ure - Part Two

Sunday, 19 November 2017

River Derwent

A simple journey between Bubwith and Barmby Barrage. A little bit of warmth in the sunshine and lovely company