Friday, 17 October 2014

Sea Kayak Brittany - May 2014

We had wanted to visit Brittany with the sea kayaks for quite some time. So with the company of Dave and Marion we made it happen.

During our week long stay we managed to get five varied and contrasting journeys under our belts.

..And visited some amazing places.

We had some typical spring weather but on the whole it was quite good.

On our final trip we met up with a French sea kayaker who very kindly guided us on a lovely journey.

Brittany is an amazing sea kayaking destination and plans to return later in the year where already being talked about. Our adventures where all to the north of Brest and we really would like to return and see some of the south Brittany coast. 

I cannot recommend Brittany enough, as a sea kayak destination. Quiet roads, free parking, lovely people and of course fantastic food and wine. 

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