Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Recent Coaching

I'm spending much more time coaching within the club environment of late, thoroughly enjoying the challenges this brings. As well as the usual club evenings myself and friend Andy have just completed a set of sessions with a young group of scouts. Most of their training was undertaken on the outdoor pool but for their last evening we treated the lads to a journey on a local waterway. Much fun was had as you can see from the accompanying photos.

  Fi even came along to keep an eye on us all.    

Sea Kayak Expedition Gathering - SKEG

I recently attended this most excellent event and having spent the whole weekend having fun I did not record a great deal of material. I put this small video together anyway. Here's looking forward to SKEG 2 in 2013...

Rockpool Taran

The May Bank holiday, as normal is the weekend of the Anglesey Sea Kayak Symposium. This year we took the decision to help Mike out and promote Rockpool Kayaks. On the Sunday we were fortunate to have a play in the Tarans around Porth Dafarch, Mikes friend Tony Williams of Hann Williams Partnership took some wonderful photos that I have uploaded below. Thank you Tony..

Filey & Flamborough with Friends

Had a little gathering of friends up at Flamborough. The Northumberland bunch came down for a paddle, we also had the pleasure of Jim Krawiecki for the weekend, definitely a recipe for drunken frolics and irresponsible paddling antics. 

I was worried the pace may be a little boring for the Turnbull sisters but after a few dunkings and the great Brian taking a swim on Brigg End I was more than happy they were having fun.

Jim put a cracking little video together of our exploits which you can see below.